This is a page for all present and future comics I’ll make.

I mean right now there is only one comic, and likely that will be the case for a few years until I’ve wrapped up this one.

So the comic running is named “Not Super” .

Without spoiling too much (seeing how we’re still in the introduction process) it’s a comic taking place in the classic Superhero world, but from another viewpoint.

It will also often poke fun of the classic tropes of the superhero world. To me those moments are like a roast for a very dear friend. I love Superhero-comics something big, but I can still see when they’re being silly.

That’s all I can tell your right now.  Hope you’ll stick around to find out what I’m talking about.

mever2A BIT ABOUT ME. 

Name: Robert.

Age: Unlike comic characters it change yearly in real time. Born 1990, the 4’th of April.

From: Sweden (not to be confused with Switzerland.)

Occupation: Magician and consultant on pickpockets for security companies and police. I got weird interests, which lead to a weird job.

Hobby: This among other things. Also martial art and psychology is fun.

Current thought: This is the section no ones reads. Which makes it much like the comic to be honest. 😉