Not a lot here right now. can’t tell you much without spoiling. I’ll fill it in as we go.



Age: 19

Bio: A New york pickpocket with a sense of humor that has likely gotten her into a lot of trouble.

She often hangs around when there is a super-battle and uses the distraction to pickpocket the crowds that gather.










Age: 25

Bio: New york police officer and among other things catcher of witty pickpockets.









blackboltcharacterBLACK BOLT

Age: 34

Powers/abilities: Super-speed. Heightened endurance and stamina.

Also a few technological gadget in his suit.

Bio: A well establish hero playing in the big leagues. He has saved his city and the world several times.




Age: 45

Powers/abilities: Telepathy. Probably one of the most powerful currently known.  Also complete control of his brain with all that means.

Several PHD:s, picture perfect memory.  High level of martial art training.

Bio: Founder and leader of one of New Yorks superhero teams “The Fighting four”.  Considered one of the smartest men alive.